How to Upload Multiple 3D Files at Once

You don't have to upload one 3D file after another. You can simply “drag and drop” up to 20 files on our multiple file upload page in one go. The files will be uploaded simultaneously to a clearly structured overview page.

Uploaded files will be displayed on a single page where you can easily edit the material, finish, size, and how many copies you want to order for each uploaded model. The price for the individual design as well as the total price for all models will be updated on the spot.

Apply your material selection to all models in one click

This is a real time-saver. You can apply the material and finish of your choice to all other uploaded models by clicking on “apply to all”.

Create duplicates of uploaded models in one click

By clicking the ‘duplicate’ button you will make an instant and exact copy of your upload model. This is perfect if you want to order the same design in different materials, finishes, or sizes.

These new features are available by logging into your account and selecting the ‘Upload Multiple Files‘ option.

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