Will I Have to Pay Duties or Import Tax on My Order?

Unfortunately, duties or import taxes are not included in the cost of shipping. Contact the customs office in the country of destination for more information about applicable duties or taxes. The amount of the import tax is determined by the classification of the traded product, and this is done based on a code we indicate on the shipment document, the so-called 'harmonized code'. We ship models with the following harmonized codes:

  • 39269097: Polyamide, polypropylene, alumide, high-detail resin, multicolor+, mammoth resin, standard resin, transparent resin, ABS, gray resin, and rubber-like
  • 71131100: Silver
  • 83062900: Brass, bronze, and copper
  • 73269096: High-detail stainless steel
  • 81089090: Titanium
  • 83062100: Steel
  • 71081380: Gold
  • 76169990: Aluminum

There are no duties or import taxes for orders sent to countries in the EU.

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