I Need My Order Faster Than the Indicated Delivery Date. Can You Speed up My Order?

Unfortunately, we cannot rush the production of your order any faster than the time frame indicated on our website. However, in most cases, we ship out orders earlier than the estimated shipment date.

If you need your prints urgently, make sure to order polyamide priority which ships in only 48 hours.

The reason why it’s hard to speed up the production of a high-quality 3D print is simple: It’s not only about the printing (which often only takes one or two days). It’s about a process of file checking, planning, printing, cleaning, finishing, quality checking and packing your products. And these steps can add up.

Contrary to popular belief, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to 3D printing. Every material is produced using its own particular production technology.

Polyamide (SLS), for example, is produced via laser sintering and doesn’t need support structure during the printing process. However, most resins are produced via stereolithography and need support structure during the printing process. This means that for some materials, support structure needs to be cut away manually, while for others, this manual finishing step is not necessary.

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