What's the Layer Thickness of the Different 3D Printing Materials?

In 3D printing, when we talk about layer thickness, we are referring to the vertical resolution or Z-resolution. Below you can find the different layer thicknesses of our 3D printing materials. Please note that for cast metals (gold, silver, brass, copper, and bronze), the layer thickness refers to the 3D printed wax model.

Material Layer Thickness
ABS 0.18 - 0.25 mm
Alumide 0.12 mm
30 - 100 µm
Brass 28 µm
Bronze 28 µm
Copper 28 µm
Gold 28 µm
Gray resin
0.1 mm
High-detail resin 
32 µm
Mammoth resin
0.1 mm
Multicolor+ 0.042 mm
Polyamide (MJF) 0.08 mm
Polyamide (SLS) 0.1 - 0.12 mm
Rubber-like 0.12 mm
Silver 28 µm
Standard resin 0.1 mm
Steel 50 µm
30 - 60 µm
Transparent resin 0.1 mm

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