What Level of Transparency Will I Actually Achieve with Transparent Resin?

The transparency of Transparent resin with Natural (transparent) finish is not 100% water clear but is somewhere between translucent and water clear. The tinge of transparent resin models may vary slightly. The greater the thickness of the model, the more noticeable the bluish tinge becomes. Transparent resin is mainly used for prototypes that needing a good quality surface with a transparent look.

The finish of your transparent resin Natural (transparent) is a “technical finish”. After printing the support material is removed, and the support marks are removed by sandpapering. Then your model is cured (hardened under UV light) and transparent paint (varnish) is applied to all reachable surfaces. The varnish will protect your model from dust and slow down the discoloration process. Please take note that, with a technical finish, building layers and some bubbles will still be visible. 

Please note that the visibility of the layers strongly depends on the shape or the design of the model. For instance, on a curved surface, layers will be much more visible.

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