How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping costs depend on the delivery location. Flat rate shipping is applied for transparency and varies for each country. Exact shipping rates are displayed during checkout. See our Shipping Info page for more information.

Delivery Region
UPS Standard
UPS Express
USPS Priority Mail
UPS Ground
UPS Express Two Days
UPS Express Next Day

25.40 EUR


26.20 EUR

9.30 EUR
13.80 EUR


24.10 EUR

12.60 EUR
17.35 EUR

9.30 EUR
15.25 EUR

Other EU countries
13.75 EUR
17.75 EUR

Other European countries non-EU
17.75 EUR

Latin America

25.40 EUR


25.40 EUR

United Kingdom
23.15 EUR 28.00 EUR

United States

22.10 USD
10.80 USD 18.40 USD
31.80 USD
69.10 USD

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