End of year rush

Due to the large amounts of goods shipped worldwide during the end of year period, delays might be possible. Please follow your shipments via the online tracking number provided. 

We will do our very best to make sure your goods arrive in time.

Since most or our orders are shipped with UPS, we share with you  insighst from UPS on what to expect in December 2021.

Message from UPS

Adjusted delivery times?

We are adjusting the scheduled delivery times of certain services to ensure you can communicate the correct shipment timings to your recipients. While in many cases we will be able to meet the normal scheduled delivery times, these adjustments reflect the additional time that may be required to deliver shipments during the upcoming period of peak demand.

- Effective 22 November until 24 December, UPS Standard shipments may require an additional day in transit

- Effective 29 November until 7 January, UPS Express deliveries planned for 10.30am will be delivered by 12pm, and UPS Express deliveries planned for 12pm will be delivered by 2pm

- Effective 27 November until 18 December, UPS Saturday Express deliveries planned for 12pm will be delivered by 2pm

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