Brexit and Shipping as of January 1, 2021 

As the situation at the border changed, we are working to minimize the impact of Brexit on our customers as much as possible.

For the time being, we are servicing only orders to the United Kingdom having a valid UK VAT number. 

As there was a deal between the UK and the EU, there are no import duties.
You will only need to pay border fees and VAT directly to the shipping company to receive your order.

New Materialise/i.materialise Guidelines for the UK by the End of January
We are working towards having another border clearance procedure in place by January 31st. Our goal is to service also consumers and that all costs will be charged by Materialise at the moment you place an order, and we will handle the administration directly with the authorities and shipping companies. We foresee that this will decrease the overall cost for you to order.

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