Why Am I Seeing an Offline Price Request?

When you upload your 3D model and it contains errors (related to fixing), our software will try to fix them automatically. In case the errors can't be fixed automatically, you will see an offline price request (free of charge).

Sometimes, the price for an uploaded model cannot be automatically calculated. There are a few reasons why an error can occur:

  • Model (processing) error: Something went wrong on our side while trying to process your 3D model. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Errors in the design: If your uploaded model contains errors (e.g. noise shells, overlapping triangles, bad edges, etc.) our software will try to fix it on the spot. However, in some cases, it cannot be fixed automatically.
  • Dimensional issues: Sometimes the dimensions of the model are outside its allowed range of a certain material, color or finish. Clicking the ‘scale to fit’ button will then automatically resize the model to the allowed range of the material.
  • Large orders: When the volume of your order is really large, we prefer to contact you and handle the request personally.

When an error occurs, you will be able to request a price, free of charge. Our customer service team will then take a look at your model and your request. They will do a quick check to see if your model is suitable for 3D printing within your specified request. If not, they will advise you which design changes are necessary. This way, we want to make sure you get the best possible printed result.

In the case of serious design issues, we will ask you to redesign/modify the 3D model and upload again. To make sure you'll get a perfect result, we recommend you to read how to make a 3D printable file.

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