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How Should I Interpret Minimum Detail (Size)?

Minimum detail refers to the minimum size that details can be printed in e.g. a button of a shirt on a 3D character model. If the button is smaller than 0.5 mm, it will likely disappear or break off. Minimum detail size does not affect the sharpness of edges on a model. 

Judging from the example, minimum detail size should be interpreted as the distance from the shirt to the top side of the button. Because drawing in 3D also means measuring in 3D.

Below you can find the different minimum detail sizes of our 3D printing materials. 

MaterialMinimum Details
ABS0.3 mm
Alumide0.4 to 0.4 mm
Aluminum0.25 mm
Brass0.35 mm
Bronze0.35 mm
Copper0.35 mm
0.35 mm
Gray resin
0.5 mm
High-detail resin0.2 to 0.3 mm
High-detail stainless steel0.1 mm
Mammoth resin
0.5 mm
Multicolor+0.25 mm
Polyamide (MJF)0.25 mm
Polyamide (SLS)0.3 mm
Rubber-like0.5 mm
Silver0.35 mm
Standard resin
0.5 mm
Steel0.8 to 1 mm
Titanium0.25 mm
Transparent resin0.5 mm

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