What do I send as instruction for Extra Smooth finish?

To fulfill an order with Extra Smooth finish, we require additional information. Please provide instructions as described below. 


Extra Smooth finish

During the post-processing technique for the Extra Smooth finish, your part has to be suspended in a chamber. Please provide us clear information about how the part can be hung up with screenshots and indications. Large parts will require more suspension points than small parts due to their weight.

There are 3 options for the suspension:

  1. Hanging up from holes
  2. Hanging up from a printed hook (which is cut off after smoothing)
  3. Hanging up using clamps on B-side


1. Hanging up from holes

Please send us an instruction that indicates the holes that can be used for suspending your part. Ideally, your model is suspended from multiple holes with a diameter above 1.5mm. Please note that the touchpoints of the suspension with a hole will leave small marks on the model where the surface will not be smoothed. 

2. Hanging up from printed hooks (which are cut off after smoothing)

Please either connect several printed hooks to your model that allow us to hang up the part or send us an instruction that indicates the positions where our production planning can connect the hooks. The hooks will be printed together with the part, used for suspending and cut off after the smoothing process. A small mark at the connection /cut point will be visible.

You can download a sample file for a hook here: Hook_for_Extra_Smooth_finish.stl

A picture containing metalware

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3. Hanging up from clamps on B-side

If you cannot foresee holes or hooks, we will have to use clamps to hang your part in the processing chamber. In this case please send us an instruction with indication of the A-side (the most important/visual side), so we can determine where to attach the clamps on the B-Side. These clamps will leave small marks on the model as these points will not be smoothed.

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