How Can I Track My Sales?

When one of your products is sold (or unfortunately sometimes canceled), you are automatically notified by email. Besides that, in the shop section of your profile, you will find an overview of sold items, the amount of money you've earned, and how much was paid out to you.

The sold items page lets you keep track of your sales. See which, when and how many of your 3D printed products were sold. Please note that it can take a while before the payment status changes from ‘In clearance’ to ‘Ready for payment’.

A lot of things can happen in those first 15 days after shipment. For example, a customer can cancel the order or return it. In both cases, you are not entitled to a designer's fee. If we paid you immediately, you would then have to return the money and pay administrative fees. By using a clearance period, i.materialise covers the costs of cancellations and/or returns at no extra cost to you.

The earnings page shows the total amount of money you earned and which is ready to be paid out. The next payment date indicates when that will happen. Additionally, you’ll see a chronological overview of the products you sold. The payment status indicates whether a payment has been either already paid or is ready for the upcoming payment.

The payments page contains all info of the payments made out to you. You’ll see how much money you made and if click on the payment reference link, you’ll see again what exactly was sold.

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