Can I Sell My 3D Printed Products in Multiple Materials and Finishes?

Absolutely! You can offer your products in other materials, colors and finishes than you initially ordered them in. For example, if a Silver ring is already listed in your shop, you will also be able to sell the same model in other metals like Brass, Bronze, Copper or Gold. Keep in mind that this function is activated by default.

If you want to change the settings for one of your items,log in to your account and go to the “Shop Items” section in the left column. Then click the blue “Edit” button next to your shop item. On this page, you can change all the settings for your product, including material choices (which is located in the Pricing tab). In case you don’t wish to sell an item in all of the available materials, colors or finishes, just uncheck the ones you don’t want to include.

Please note that selecting multiple materials strongly depends on the original material of your ordered model. 

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