Hallmarking Precious Metals

The hallmarking of gold and silver is a way of guaranteeing that you’re getting the correct level of purity in your precious metals. We don’t use an assay office; instead, we have permission from the Royal Mint of Belgium to mark cast models with a master (also called a maker) and purity stamp. The purity mark will indicate the purity of the precious metal. For 14k gold, the mark is a diamond (or rhombus) with the text “au 585”. For 18k gold, the text “au 750” is featured in the same diamond shape. Sterling silver (92.5% purity) will have an oval purity stamp with the text “AG 925”.

The master or maker stamp has been registered and approved by the Royal Mint of Belgium. It displays the symbol of a lightbulb with the letters “i.m” inside the outline of a barrel.

Hallmarking is performed to the highest extent possible, either with a laser or by stamping the metal. However, if there is a risk of damaging the final product, the marks may be missing. In every case, you will always receive an invoice as proof of authenticity. Pursuant to the Belgian Law of 11 August 1987 on the warranty of works on precious metals and the Belgian Royal Decree of 18 January 1990 on the warranty of works on precious metals, i.materialise guarantees that the object of the Invoice fulfills the standards of purity for 14K gold at 58.5% purity, 18K gold at 75% purity or silver at 92.5% purity, whichever is applicable.

For customers outside the EU, excluded for Switzerland, hallmarking is not provided.

i.materialise complies with Belgian legislation and the free movement of goods in Europe.

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