Should I Take Shrinkage into Account When Designing for 3D Printing?

Fortunately, not for most of our materials. When we prepare models for printing, the necessary shrinkage is already taken into account.

Only for Steel you should take shrinkage into account yourself during designing. The production in this material involves a thermal step which leads to shrinkage. We advise you to scale up the desired design by 2% for designs where X, Y or Z is below 70 mm and by 3% for models which are larger. This upscaling will compensate the shrinkage and as result, the dimensional accuracy will be ±1%.   

The dimensional accuracy does not relate to the detail of your model but to the deviation of the resulting model from the nominal size of your original design (without the upscale). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this dimensional accuracy. As a result, fine mechanical applications such as threads cannot be made of this material. Small adjustments to the final printed model can be made using mechanical methods.

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